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About the Panasonic Bread Maker
Panasonic Bread Maker

The Panasonic bread maker is a complete device that takes care of all stages in the bread making process. For example, it mixes, kneads, raises bread, adds yeast at the correct time to induce the correct leavening, adds flavors when needed, makes bread of various sizes and shapes, and yes it also makes bread!

One big advantage of the panasonic bread maker is that it comes with digital controls that are easy to control and quite intuitive. For example, it has settings that cater to different requirements such as white, whole wheat, multigrain, and French (crisp crust, open texture) breads. It also has controls for rapid baking and also allows us to make sandwiches and quick snacks that need some baking. The machine also has a beeper mechanism that allows you to add fruits at the right moment so that dry fruits are not crushed when the dough is kneaded. Even though it is a bread maker, it can smartly make other snacks such as pizza, focaccia, croissants, and other pastries.

Bread maker models from Panasonic (SD254 and SD255) has a timer facility that has up to 13 hours of advance programming that allows us to make bread so that they are ready for breakfast and dinner. Similarly they also have non-stick surfaces that allows for better cleaning and maintenance. The machine has a metal cladding and consumes about 550 watts of power.So what are you waiting for - checkout this product NOW:-

Panasonic Bread Machine

Here are a few tesimonials for this product from :-

The bread consistency is excellent. It's even pretty good in the "rapid" mode, though the results are a bit better in the standard bake mode so that's what I generally use. Also, the "rapid" mode for whole wheat or multigrain bread is 3 hours (vs. 5 hours standard), so it's not like you can start the machine at the beginning of a meal and expect completed bread before you leave the table. The fastest full cycle -- "rapid" bake mode for white bread -- is 1hr 55min.

Henry Perkins (Santa Clara, CA USA)
You get what you pay for in this world and the Panasonic SD-YD250 is a perfect example. Quiet as a mouse. No jumping around the counter and whining and improperly mixing as a Breadman we purchased (and returned) did.

Anthony T. Curtiss (Woodbury, Minnesota USA)

I received the breadmaker yesterday and tried it today (4/22/09). I have to say that it has exceeded my expectations. I never had a bread machine so this was my first attempt at using a breadmaker. The instruction manual is easy to follow, though it could be better organized. I tried basic white / sandwich bread, and the result was fantastic at the first attempt. The bread is better than anything I could expect. It's definitely much better than anything you can buy in a supermarket and is comparable to what you get in specialized stores ($5 for a loaf of bread, anyone?).

Cordial (Edgewater, MD, USA)

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Panasonic Bread Maker