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About the ZOJIRUSHI Bread Maker
zojirushi bread maker

Love the smell and taste of homemade bread, but dread the mixing and the kneading of the dough? Have we got a machine for you! This one pulls out all the stops! You can even have hot fresh bread for breakfast, waiting for you, perfuming the air, along with your morning coffee! The 13 hour preset lets you set it up the night before, and set the timer. Over night, it will mix, knead and bake it for you, at the time you set!

It will make a 2lb. loaf, but this is a very versatile machine! You can have cinnamon buns, sourdough in record breaking time, cakes and even fruit jam! Make your special meatloaf or the bread recipe that has been handed down through generations!

Let this bread machine take the worry out of what's going where, when you have a busy cooking day. This machine can handle being a second oven for you, so you can free up your big oven for the big stuff-like the turkey and dressing. The bread machine will handle the bread and cakes for you! Bake it when you want, whether it is in two hours or tomorrow morning! Bon Appetit!

So what are you waiting for - checkout this product NOW:-

zojirushi bread maker

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